2016 Dutton Results

March 28, 2017, 2:57 pm


Harvested Date: September 20, 2016

Variety                                     Bushels/Acre                    Notes                                                   

DEKALB 75-65 RR                            37.3 bu/ac                                      Trait: GENRR

INVIGOR L252                                  39.4 bu/ac                                      Trait: LL

DEKALB 75-45 RR                            42.9 bu/ac                                      Trait: GENRR

DEKALB 74-44 BL                            44.1 bu/ac                                       Trait: GENRR

INVIGOR L130                                  44.1 bu/ac                                       Trait: LL

CANTERRA CS2000                        36.5 bu/ac                                      Trait: RR

CANTERRA CS2000 Jumpstart    38.8 bu/ac                                      Trait: RR


Trial Notes:

Yield data from trials at Gilbert Plains, Manitoba – land Jonah Genik

**Yield was adjusted for moisture

Seeding Date: May 17th, 2016

Soil Texture: Silt Clay

Row Width: 10 Inches

Tillage: Minimum

Previous Crop:  Barley


Results Analysis

The highest yielding varieties in this trial was DEKALB 75-45 RR  @  42.9 bu/ac , followed by another DEKALB variety and an INVIGOR variety.

The lower yielding variety here was CANTERRA CS2000 @ 36.5 bu/ac.



Harvested Date: September 15, 2016

Variety                                     Bushels/Acre                    Notes                                                   

INVIGOR L252 Jumpstart              45.2 bu/ac                                      Trait: LL

CANTERRA CS2000 Jumpstart    43.2 bu/ac                                      Trait: RR

Trial Notes:

Yield data from trials at Ashville, Manitoba – land Brian Kostur

**Yield was adjusted for moisture

Seeding Date: May 21st, 2016

Row Width: 10 Inches

Tillage: Conventional

Previous Crop:  Winter Wheat – no sclerotinia fungicide applied

Results Analysis

The yields here were close with only 2 bu/ac between them, INVIGOR had the extra 2 bu/ac in this trial.


Additional Notes by Dutton:

Ask us for more information if you like – we also had a CWRS variety Elie trial, treated with Raxil Pro.

South of Gilbert Plains on a 4 acre field, treated Elie yielded 84 bu/ac and had a protein of 13.7.

Another field South of Gilbert Plains yielded in the 60 bu/ac and had a protein of 14.1% with a test weight of 64lbs/bu.



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