2016 Tisdale Results

March 27, 2017, 2:11 pm


Harvested Date: September 2, 2016

Variety           Bushels/Acre         Notes                                                   

Faller                      93.03 bu/ac                      60% HVK

Elgin ND                86.34 bu/ac                      70% HVK

AAC Cameron       84.86 bu/ac                      50% HVK

Cardale                  83.31 bu/ac                        50% HVK

Rowyn                   82.22 bu/ac                        70% HVK

AAC Redberry      79.78 bu/ac                        95% HVK

CDC Plentiful       77.61 bu/ac                         60% HVK

AAC Elie                77.5 bu/ac                           85% HVK

AAC Prevail          77.3 bu/ac                           50% HVK (hard threshing)

AAC Connery       75.49 bu/ac                         50% HVK (hard threshing)


Trial Notes:

All of the wheat varieties were standing well, of the 10, Rowyn was the farthest lodged but not even close to the point of being hard to harvest. Lodging 0-10 (where 10 is flat and 0 is tall) Rowyn was only a 3, with the next most lodged CDC Plentiful at 2.75.

Wheat Variety Trial
1) Seeded on May 7, 2016
2) Using Fabro drill, double disc openers, 8″ spacing, sidebanded granular fertilzer
3) Fertilzer: 90-35-15-0
4) 30 plants per sq.ft. seeding rate

Results Analysis

Highest yield showed by Faller, then Elgin ND.

Lowest yield showed by AAC Connery, then AAC Prevail.


Harvested Date: September 1, 2016

Variety           Bushels/Acre         Notes                                                   

Orrin                      209.01 bu/ac                    hull colour whitest, grade 2CW

Triactor                  206.15 bu/ac                    hull good colour, grade 3CW

Kara                        194.56 bu/ac                    hull good colour, grade 2CW

AC Summit            194.47 bu/ac                    hull good colour, grade 3CW

AC Morgan            194.15 bu/ac                    hull dark stain, 2CW

CS Camden            193.74 bu/ac                   hull darker, 3CW

Souris                     193.73 bu/ac                    hull dark stain, 3CW

CDC Ruffian          192.54 bu/ac                   hull darker, 3CW

Akina                      187.78 bu/ac                   hull good colour, 3CW

CDC Minstrel        182.47 bu/ac                  hull good colour, 4CW

Trial Notes: 

Lodging was factored in as well.

Results Analysis

Highest yield showed Orrin, with Triactor. Orrin had some lodging noted at 4.75, where 10 = flat & 0=tall. The least lodged was AC Morgan at 2.25

Lowest yield showed by CDC Minstrel, then Akina.

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