As a key partner in the business of farming, Parrish & Heimbecker (P&H) is continuously looking for ways to improve the bottom line for our customers. Field Intelligence Trials, or FIT trials, are a new way of providing field scale, unbiased, science-based information for farmers to assist in the decision-making process.

FIT trials will provide farmers with unbiased data as well as an opportunity to learn about new products and technologies. P&H employs highly qualified agronomists at most locations and through the FIT trials they will be able to determine what works best in their regions to enhance their customers businesses. They will also be the key to executing FIT trials, together with local farmer cooperators. Whether it is evaluating wheat varieties or pesticide efficacy or crop micro or macro nutrients, because the protocols are in place, the data collected will be valuable in making input decisions for the upcoming season.

Farmers are encouraged to ask their local Parrish & Heimbecker agronomist about the latest findings.

It’s this sort of cooperation between the FIT Trial coordinator, the local P&H location staff and the farmer cooperator that makes FIT trials successful.

Steve Chris Amanda

Left to right: Steve Tapley, P&H FIT trials coordinator, Chris Rauper of Cardale Grain Corp., farmer cooperator at Newdale, MBA and Amanda Walker, P&H Glossop Siding

More about FIT (PDF).